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September 12, 2011
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Up near Cerulean point, Misty was having a break from gym leading. She needed a day away from the stress of everyday life and her sisters too. She'd brought a beach towel and a snack or two. She was just finishing the last of the food.
Misty burped, "Good pizza!" She swallowed the last bite of her mini pizza from Rockets' Pizza. Jessie and James had finally done something good with their lives and opened a restaurant chain. There were only five so far, but luckily one was right in Cerulean. Meowth was the mascot, attracting people far and wide with his antics.
Misty's stomach was already beginning to gurgle and digest its meal. "Now for some sun!" The hot trainer pulled her sneakers, jeans, and tank top off to reveal a sexy two piece Magikarp-print bathing suit. She spread the beach towel out and lay out on the beach after donning her sunglasses.
"Sometimes I wish I had a nice boyfriend who'd come to the beach with me. He'd catch all the legendary pokemon I wanted and give me foot rubs…" Misty drifted off to sleep with her belly churning and gurgling pleasantly.

Misty awoke after just an hour. She wanted to go for a swim, but her groin wouldn't let her. She couldn't walk to the restroom in her bikini, so she got dressed and headed to the restroom.
She returned swiftly to take a swim and was greeted by an amazing sight.
"Milotic?!" Misty gasped.
A beautiful Milotic had appeared on shore where Misty had been sleeping. It was sniffing around the sand for some reason.
'So pretty. I've always wanted one since I was little.' She moved closer and accidentally stepped on a twig and the Milotic looked up sharply.
'Gotta be careful and gain its trust,' Misty thought.
She slowly set her stuff down and moved closer to the majestic creature. She got within about six feet of it before it began to move. Misty stopped.
The creature gave a high pitched whine that sent chills up the water trainer's spine. It was one of the most beautiful noises she'd ever heard.
Milotic moved its head closer to Misty, while its tail smoothly curled around behind the girl. It gently prodded Misty closer.
'I can't believe it's working!' Misty grinned inwardly.
"H-hello. My name is Misty. You're a pretty pokemon."
The water creature looked at her and sniffed. It slowly brought its head down to her body and began to sniff deeper.
Misty tried again to talk to it, "Do I smell nice?"
It sniffed up and down her body. Just as Misty began to grow uncomfortable, it tugged gently at her shirt. Misty stepped back, confused. It moved with her and gently tugged the shirt up toward her head. It gestured toward the water with its tail.
"You want me to swim with you?" She asked and watched carefully. The beast nodded with almost a smile in its eyes.
The little girl in Misty sparked up, "I'd love to!" She hastily removed her shirt and pants again. Milotic watched happily. She stepped out of her shoes and moved toward the water. Milotic stopped her again and moved its head close to her midsection.
"Aren't we going to go swimming?" Misty asked. The Milotic ignored her for the moment and put its head to her stomach. Misty giggled a little. She was very ticklish.
Milotic seemed satisfied by her stomach and pulled the girl closer to its belly region. Misty gasped a little as her head was thrust up to the creature's own stomach. She moved her head a little and the creature pressed her head against itself again. She gave in and listened. A low growl emitted from its bowels.
"You sound hungry. Do you want something to eat now?" The pokemon nodded slowly. "I'm sorry, but I don't have anything to eat. I kinda… ate all my snacks. What do Milotic eat anyway?"
As if they had been waiting for her to ask that question, a school of Luvdisc swam by. Milotic tensed and began to move for the water, but the speedy fish all dashed away. It moved back to Misty's side.
"Oh, are you too slow?" The pokemon nodded. "We need to get you something to eat!" Misty said, now determined to feed it. She took a step toward her things and promptly face-planted into the sand. She'd forgotten about Milotic's tail.
"Owww… crap. I need to learn not to do that." Misty shook the sand from her head.
"So I'm just going to head back to town and see if I can find anything… wha…? Heh-hahaha!" She giggled madly. She looked back to see Milotic licking the soles of her feet.
"H-h-hey! S-stop that!" she managed to say. "My f-feet are very t-ticklish!" She squealed when its tongue slipped between her toes. She lurched to the side and tried to get her legs under her, but to no avail. The serpentine pokemon swirled its body around hers and hastily constricted her movements.
Misty wheezed, "No more… tickling please. I really need to go find you some food…" Milotic responded by moving its tongue up her sensitive legs. It began tasting her thighs.
"R-really! Stop!" Misty squirmed uselessly, her arms and legs pinned.
The beautiful pokemon tickled her belly next and then moved to her arms.
"THIS ISN'T NECESSARY!" she screamed.
Milotic moved its head slowly up to hers. Misty stopped screaming and looked pleadingly into Milotic's face.
"Are you… salivating?" She saw drool building up in Milotic's mouth as its tongue caressed her cheek. The light-bulb in the trainer's mind flickered.
"Okay. That's enough." It slurped around her orange hair, matting it down.
"Help, ack-!" Its tongue slipped over her face and mouth. Some drool got in Misty's mouth. As she spit it out, she said, "You better not be thinking…"
A low rumble emanated down Misty's body from the Milotic's stomach. She was suddenly aware of how large the pokemon was and how big its stomach was.
"Wait! I know where there are some delicious berries around here! If you let me go you can have all the berries you want! Really!" The Milotic licked her flavor off its lips and swallowed audibly. Misty watched its throat while it did.
"Do you really want to eat me?" she squeaked. Milotic nodded slowly and began to rear its head up.
Misty began writhing in desperation, "I've got three hot sisters! I could take you to meet them! You can even eat one or two." She was lying, but she thought it would help.
Milotic's mouth opened slowly and Misty saw into the dark tunnel at the back of its throat. "Help! I'm going to be eaten!" It descended like a falling leaf.
She shut her eyes in preparation for death, but all she felt was a spreading warmth and wetness. She found she could breathe and looked around. The inside of Milotic's mouth was slimier than she'd thought. She saw the roof of its mouth right above her head and felt its smooth tongue on her chin.
"C'mon! I don't even taste good!" she whined from inside. The tongue planted itself on her face and she heard a moan come from the throat that told her she was lying.
She squealed as the lips sucked her in deeper towards the ominous throat. Its lips slipped over her head and came to rest on her shoulders. She then noticed that Milotic had no visible teeth.
Feeling it wasn't too late, Misty yelled, "Anyone there? I'm being eaten. This pokemon is really hungry. Enough to swallow a pretty girl!"
Milotic made a chuckling sound at her efforts and eased its lips over her shoulders. She gasped as its tongue swirled out and over her breasts. It squashed them around while Misty blushed furiously inside of it.
'Is this thing TRYING to turn me on?' She felt herself flush with passion. She suddenly wanted to feel it swallow as she stared down into its pulsating throat.
"You better not!" she said defiantly.
A huge pulse of suction pulled her straight into its throat a good foot. "Whoa! Let's not get carried away!" She began squirming again.
Milotic got her breasts into its mouth and began coating them with saliva. Misty's struggles spiked up and down with arousal. Milotic seemed to enjoy her thrashing, so it tickled her belly with its tongue and flicked its tail over her toes.
"Wahahaha!" Misty tossed and rolled as her flavor drizzled over the ravenous pokemon's tongue. She felt the pulsing walls of its throat and the gentle movements of its mouth. Inwardly she was getting quite a kick out of it. The tickling too.
Milotic gulped again, pulling Misty's breasts into its throat and her belly into its mouth. It was promptly attacked by the tongue. Milotic moaned at her taste. Its tongue pressed into her belly and slipped around it, kneading softly.
Misty squirmed around in its throat. 'Why me? There are other girls around!' She wanted to believe she tasted the best. She wondered how she'd taste next to her sisters, May, or even a beauty queen like Jasmine.
A low growl from below her got her attention. The pokemon's stomach was waiting for its next meal. She hoped Milotic didn't intend to digest her.
Milotic swallowed again, finished with her stomach. Her hands slid into its mouth, unable to find purchase on its lips. Misty's belly slid into its throat. Her rump entered its mouth and was quickly chewed on. Misty blushed again and yelled angrily, "Listen! Just because you're swallowing me doesn't mean you can step on my rights as a woman! I'll have you know…" her rant was cut when Milotic pressed its tongue to her groin. She bit her lip to keep from screaming in pleasure.
The pokemon knew it had hit a sweet spot from the way her body tensed, so it began tickling her legs and chewing in earnest. Misty burst into laughing spasms, pleasure burning her body as she entered a state of sexual euphoria.
Milotic was having trouble licking her legs during her squirming so it gave up and swallowed massively, raising its head up to let gravity help. Misty sank down deep into Milotic's digestive system. Her head popped into a chamber that she assumed to be the stomach. She was laughing hard from the tickling so her brain couldn't properly register the danger she was in. She felt her knees get the licking treatment, but she couldn't fight the tail twitching against her feet or the pleasure the walls were giving her.
Milotic groaned as it felt her start to slide sensually into its stomach. It wanted her inside it. Licking her knees carefully it swallowed again, washing her flavor down its throat with the rest of her. Misty yelped in pleasure as her ankles pressed against its lips. She thrashed around in its throat to give it some pleasure and managed to get her hands free. But her breasts spilled into its stomach as well. She began to feel the floor and the walls.
The slime squirted between her fingers and she moaned, "This is really hot. I think I could sit in here for a while. Hey up there! Don't spend too much time tasting my bare feet!" She regretted it immediately.
Milotic tauntingly slid its tongue out and over her ankles. 'Here it comes,' the girl thought. The tongue slid over her soles and lapped slowly, like one enjoying a new flavor of ice cream. She held in the spasms until it went between her toes. That was it.
"AHAHAHAHAHA Why was I born so delicious!?!" Misty screamed from the stomach. The hourglass figure in the throat squirmed as her beautiful feet were licked by the tongue. "NOOO! WHY?!" Misty cried. Milotic deliberately waited to swallow. I mean… do you blame it?
Lick after lick after lick eventually pulled Misty's feet into its mouth. Its lips sealed behind her. Her toes flexed angrily, rubbing everywhere they could find. She felt tears come down her face as her soles were slurped. After minutes of this she yelled, "Just swallow me, please!"
Milotic finally gave in to its desires and stopped licking her feet. It raised its head one last time and gave a mighty gulp, sending the redhead down its throat. Misty clawed at its belly, eager to finally enter the chamber completely, awkward as it sounded. She felt her legs and sensitive feet sliiide down its esophagus.
Milotic kept its head raised as it felt the hot girl squirm down its throat with finality. It waited until it felt her feet leave its throat and start padding around its stomach. It was perfectly full.
Misty felt around inside of it. "It's not as cramped in here as I would've imagined. Smells… interesting." It smelled faintly of fish, but it wasn't a bad smell. Her legs curled under her and she rubbed her feet tenderly. They were completely licked clean of her natural flavor. She examined the entrance and exit of the stomach. No luck.
"Well I hope you're happy!" she said loudly, her voice muffled from the stomach walls. "You managed to swallow the cutest girl in the world! You better have enjoyed me!" A satisfied burp answered her question. She punched the wall, earning a happy sound from Milotic.
"Crap. I guess you're used to live prey in here. You'd better not be planning on digesting me." Misty felt Milotic start to move around and she had to claw around for purchase in its belly. She squealed when the undulating motion squished her face into a wall. Milotic's stomach juices dripped from her hair. "Gross!"
The water-type reached its destination and everything stopped moving. Misty felt the pokemon sigh and lay down. If she was outside she would have seen it was about to fall asleep under the tree that she was sitting under an hour before, the sun shining down on it causing its scales to flash brilliantly. From Misty's view, the stomach began to glow a little and the walls shone in shades of pink and red.
"So are you going to let me out now? I'll still go get food for you." Misty's muffled voice said. Milotic tuned her out and closed its eyes. "Wait… are you falling asleep? If you do that I'll be digested! You don't want to digest me!" A soft snore was her only answer. "NOOO! Help! I'm being digested!" Misty began to strike the walls and thrash around.
She suddenly noticed that the walls had begun secreting a thick substance. Her toes brushed against it and she felt her foot begin to tingle. "Agh! My foot is dissolving!" It wasn't of course, but it would given enough time.
After a few minutes of trying to force her way out, getting almost completely soaked in stomach acid, and having rubbed against every inch of Milotic's belly for a way out, Misty gave up. Her cute bathing suit was almost completely digested. She slumped against the stomach wall crying. "Please let me out!" Her answer was a satisfied burp.
My first ever deviation. Contains soft vore and foots. I like to think that I'm a good writer and I didn't make it too long or short. This was honestly written maybe 7 or 8 months ago when I had way more time on my hands.

Misty, Milotic, and pokemon in general are all owned by Nintendo, the Pokemon Company, and Game Freak. I claim no rights to any of the above characters.
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